One-On-One Tutorials

I’ve been working one-on-one with writers both locally and by correspondence for over a decade. I offer a wide range of services for creative writers at any stage of career. If you are interested in having me look at a small packet of your work or a full-length manuscript, or want reading or publication advice and suggestions, please feel free to get in touch via my email or the form on this site. My rates are reasonable (about $50/hour) and I am known for holistic, hard-hitting advice that helps writers make huge leaps forward in a small amount of time. One thoughtful person even bought a consultation with me for his spouse for a birthday present!

Here is what some of my one-on-one students have had to say about working with me:

Just wanted to say what a great meeting that was for me today. Thanks so much for your attention to my stuff and for breathing life into my poetry life. Lucky moi!

I love [what you did with my original wedding vows]. It feels so good when I read it! Really, you did wonders with the arrangement, and I completely understand how the edits have helped it to flow better! I have read it like 4 times. Did I say I loved it? :) The ending is brilliant!
Another huge thank you for your expertise today–I hope to carve out some time this weekend to edit while things are fresh in my mind.
I was glad to get your email so quickly, and I enjoyed your commentary and specific feedback.  I’ve already begun looking at some of the poets you mentioned.  Some of the specific feedback was exactly what I was looking for.
It was good talking to you. The daunting question of what to do with the feedback notwithstanding, I really appreciated the thorough, clear take on my work’s strengths and weaknesses: you laid out for me a solid way to think about that for myself.