Slice final cover

Coconut Books, 2015   “Arielle Greenberg’s SLICE is a challenging and turbulent collection that captures the havoc of motherhood and sexuality. In sprawling, omnivorous verse and prose that seem to be written in a fury, Greenberg reveals the terrifying anxieties and spirit of a self negotiating her gendered identities as mother, wife, lover, and friend. Brutally honest and intimate, these

Stadt aus Papier


A translation of my work into German by Ron Winkler, with photographs by kaufencialisrezeptfrei.com Matthea Harvey.

My Kafka Century


“Bristles with similarly grim threats and matter-of-fact strangeness.” –Raymond McDaniel, The Boston Review



“The poems violate the edges of topic, speaker, and narrative; they invite you to ‘Come choose the terrible choice.’ They demand but oh they reward.” –C.S. Giscombe