Slice final cover

Coconut Books, 2015


“Arielle Greenberg’s SLICE is a challenging and turbulent collection that captures the havoc of motherhood and sexuality. In sprawling, omnivorous verse and prose that seem to be written in a fury, Greenberg reveals the terrifying anxieties and spirit of a self negotiating her gendered identities as mother, wife, lover, and friend. Brutally honest and intimate, these poems range from comical sexual fantasies to mournful memories of birthing a stillborn. Greenberg’s brave poetry brims with the cauterizing contradictions of life.”—Cathy Park Hong

“SLICE might cut you or offer you a generous portion of what you desire, something delicious and daring. I love this collection of joyfully falling apart poems, rounded and grounded in selfhood, motherhood, and the life of a poet. Ambitious and sexy, Greenberg’s unbridled desire coalesces into a generous and gorgeous sharing of a bold and honest life.”—Brenda Coultas

“In SLICE, Arielle Greenberg does the thinking work and the feeling work and the sounding work that the best poets always do—she writes out of a love for, and a great dissatisfaction with, the tradition she has inherited and the day it has engendered. She writes, beautifully, love poems, and, just as beautifully, such satisfying poems of whatever the opposite of love is. She writes some of the most well-thought-out poems of the current revolutionary moment.”—Shane McCrae