Youth Subcultures


Part of the Longman Topics reader series, this collection of lively essays on controversial subcultures helps students think critically about contemporary culture and issues such as class, race, and gender as well as language, identity, and ritual.  Youth Subcultures also contains a variety of writing genres that range from personal creative non-fiction to interviews to traditional research and argumentative essays.  Rather than write about topics beyond their experience, students can examine their own experiences critically as they engage an exciting and accessible scholarly field.


  • High-interest readings on American youth subcultures offer students the opportunity to be content experts right from the start of the semester and approach their research through personal life experiences.
  • The variety of writing genres opens possibilities for a wide array of writing strategies that includes oral history, academic research, and memoir.
  • Essays by college students as well as professional journalists and scholars in each chapter provide students with realistic models for their own writing.
  • Post-reading “Notebook” questions provide discussion questions and writing opportunities.
  • “Suggestions for Further Reading” offer research launching points.
  • An alternate Rhetorical Table of Contents accommodates multiple teaching approaches for maximum instructor flexibility.